2 X Champion Level 397 78 X ESPORT skins 15 X Battlepass 48 X Black ice 13 X Platinum 1700 Credits 1 X Diamond 120 Skin per Gun Full operator 2 Elites
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Native PC Steam account some other games in steam Battle Field 2042

For each Operator you will have many sets you can check in pictures


2 X Champion Deep Freeze Heavy Mettle

1 X Diamond Dread Factor

13 X Platinum

1 X Emerald

2 X Gold

level 397
PC id Thumasitoto

Items of account skins cndrd xyz view uid a2b07f73 9a29 4fe8 afc2 e1dac2fdc7dc

pictures of Skins imgur com a gq8nCFH

pictures of Uniforms imgur com a iDR6vR0

Full operator 70 70

Skins 100 126 skins for each operators Diamond Red Silk White Dragon Dynasty Chroma Streaks Signature Six 20 Thermal Antipodes many events and seasonals

Attachments 45 Chroma streaks Velveteen SIGNATURE SIX 2021 S I 2022 Triumphant World Class Apparatus many events and seasonals

Charms 506

2 Elites IQ Azami

78 X Pro league team skins

15 X Battle pass Full

20 Gold proleague

48 Black ices

1700 R6 Credits 8k Renown


Pickle Rick Bundle Smoke
Six Major APAC Set Lesion
Y4S4 Pro League Set Jäger
Six Major EU Set Kaid
Vitality Full Kit 21
G2 Esports Full Kit 21
Esports All Regions Set
G2 Esports Full Kit 20
All Y5S1 Pro League Sets
All Y5S2 Pro League Sets
Team Secret Full Kit 23
Cyclops Weapon Kit 22
TSM Full Kit 20
W7M Weapon Kit 22
Esports Set Smoke
Esports Set Buck
SG Bundle Valkyrie

21 Boosters 42 days renown boosters 27 days Battlepass boosters

this account has many other items skins charms attachments for each operators you can check images in link proleague sets Esports skins seasonals events battlepasses

After purchase you will receive your account after a few seconds automatically you will get all informations and all access to steam uplay and gmail

if need any help about 2 steps or Informations or something I am all the time available and message you in 5 or 6 hours maximum
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
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