How to buy

Select “Accounts” section in the top bar of

Choose the game for which you would like to purchase an account.

Look through the accounts being offered and choose the one you desire, please make sure to read not only the title of the offer, but also take a look at the description and images, in order to not miss any important details about it.

Click “Buy Now”.

On the checkout page you will be able to see payment summary:

Order price.
Payment fees(%2+0.3 usd for credit card,%1+0.3 USD for binance pay)


Add any necessary details on note page , select your payment method and press “Buy Now” button.

You will be redirected to your order page. You can always find your Orders under “Purchased orders” section in the menu.
If your order is automatic delivery,you will get the details instant in purchase order page or in Your mail.

If your order is manual delivery,the seller will provide you with the necessary account details and will help facilitate the transfer of the account.