Account Warranty

Account Warranty

To keep customers safe, all account orders include 7-day account warranty for free. If you have any issues with your new account, raise a dispute and provide information about what happened to get a refund. While the dispute is active, the warranty period is always active, even if solving your dispute takes more than 7 days.


Your warranty covers:

The account does not work or is not as described

Loss of access due to account recovery by the seller

Account bans due to the ownership transfer

Account bans due to offenses made by the seller

Your warranty does not cover:

Account bans due to your actions (ex: you played on the account with cheats)

Loss of access unrelated to the seller (ex: you forgot your password)

Account bans due to not following seller instructions (ex: you were told not to contact game support, but did so anyways)


When your warranty claim is approved, you will receive a full refund of the account’s price, minus the warranty fee. Your warranty does not cover any items on the account or other additional expenses.


After your warranty period is over, while we no longer provide a money-back guarantee, Store4gamer will still help you if any issues come up. First, contact the seller about your issue in the order chat. If the seller does not respond - contact Store4gamer support and we will get in touch with the seller on your behalf.