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About Albion Online

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive. Launched in 2017, Albion Online offers a player-driven economy, extensive crafting system, and open-world PvP battles.

Set in the medieval fantasy world of Albion, players embark on a journey to explore, conquer, and build their destiny. The game features a classless system, allowing players to customize their characters with various weapons, armor, and abilities.

One of the defining features of Albion Online is its player-driven economy, where every item is crafted and traded by players. From gathering resources to crafting gear and participating in trade, players have full control over the economy.

In addition to PvE content such as dungeons, expeditions, and world bosses, Albion Online offers intense PvP battles in various forms, including guild vs. guild warfare, territorial conquests, and open-world skirmishes.

With its emphasis on player interaction, freedom of choice, and dynamic gameplay, Albion Online provides a unique MMORPG experience that rewards skill, strategy, and cooperation.

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