3 X Champion 7 X Platinum Verified UPLAY Number 64 Operators Level 201 6 X ESPORT skins 14 X Black ice 27 Boosters
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Native PC Steam account

For each Operator you will have sets you can check in pictures


3 X Champion

Deep Freeze
Heavy Mettle
Commanding Force Has the charm of Champion in game but it show it was Diamond in R6tracker

1 X Emerald Dread Factor

7 X Platinum

level 201

PC id Crushfinger

KD 1 2
WL 1 9

pictures of Account imgur com a ZRhWirZ

Operators 64 70

Skins 20 skins for each operators Dynasty Thermal Antipodes Dystopian Survival Gold Impact Wisdom and Hospitality Prismatic Glisten

Attachments 13 Wisdom and Hospitality Thermal Antipodes

Charms 145

6 X Pro league team skins
K1A T1 2021
P10 RONI NaVi 2020
R4 C Talon 2020
TYPE 89 BDS 2020
T 5 SMG DarkZero Esports 2020
416 C CARBINE G2 Esports 2020

Verified UPLAY Number

14 Black ices

4k Renown

27 Boosters 42 days renown boosters 15 days Battlepass boosters

this account has many other items skins charms attachments for each operators you can check images in link

After purchase you will receive your account after a few seconds automatically you will get all informations and all access to steam uplay and gmail

if need any help about 2 steps or Informations or something I am all the time available and message you in 5 or 6 hours maximum
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
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