✅ Handmade OCE Fresh (45K+ BE・700 RP) Untouched Loot | Full Recovery Info | Unverified Email
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—Details About Account—

🥈 Honor Level 2
🎯 Only Aram Played
📖 Fresh MMR
🔓 Unverified Email
📦 Unopened Loot
📄 Full Recovery Info
🌟 Great Smurf
📺 Can Stream On it

🤲 100% Leveled By Human
◻️ Our levelers are only allowed to play Aram, Special Modes and Normal games to avoid any problems regarding the account quality.
◻️ They are not allowed to play any BOT games (Co-op etc).

🔓 UnRanked
◻️ No Ranked games played
◻️ The account has 0 ranked games played. This is perfect, since you can use it as a new smurf and avoid the boring leveling process.

📄 FuII Recovery Informtion
◻️ Full access to the electronic mailbox provided during registration
◻️ Date of birth provided during registration
◻️ Account creation date
◻️ Account creation country
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
Total Price
$28.00 USD
Delivery Time
20 Minutes

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