Rocket League Season 14 Now Live

Rocket League introduces Season 14, taking players on underwater-themed adventures with a new battle pass and more.

Rocket League Season 14 Goes Live

Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League, has announced the start of Season 14 for the game. This means a new battle pass, two car body additions named The Admiral and Mako, update notes, and even a new arena called AquaDome have been added to the game.

With the launch of Season 14, The Admiral and Mako car bodies have become part of the battle pass. Psyonix has also announced that these two bodies will eventually make their way to Fortnite. The latest Rocket League promotion showcases additional customization options, such as the angry octopus hood and pink coral wheels, which seem fitting for the new underwater-themed season. However, players criticized the new arena for being simply a grass-covered field and not offering a truly new playing environment.

Additionally, Rocket League is not the only focus of Psyonix these days. The developer is also working on Rocket Racing, a new game mode for Fortnite announced last December. Of course, this doesn't mean that the new game will replace Rocket League. The developer does not want to create competition for its own products.

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