PM 94 Skins100 Vbgold Brutus | Gold Meowscles | Gold Midas | Black | Gear Specialist Maya | Valeria | Predator Inst
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after payment, you will receive the data information instantly. you can change any info on the account.

exclusive fortnite online account with the highest quality and the lowest price on the market. includes the following features :

✅ 94 skins
✅ 100 v-bucks
✅ epic account
✅ full access (mail changeable at (26/6/23)
✅ linkable to pc/psn/xbox/mobile
✅ clean & fresh account
✅ without any game-bans.

important : please do not contact epic games or play on any tournament as they will disable the account due to the ip changes.

⛔ in case of any problems, please do not rush to leave negative feedback, contact the seller!
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
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