Pm // Euw // Handleveled Fresh 350+ Rp Prime Loot 30k+ Be Aram Only Unranked Smurf Level 30 Handmade
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// EUW // HandLeveled Fresh 350+ RP Prime Loot 30k+ BE ARAM Only Unranked Smurf Level 30 Handmade (Silver Start) (Gold MMR) 31

Level: 30

Unranked Fresh Rank/MMR ARAM Only Played.

Server: Europe West (EUW)

Email: Unverified Email (just use your own)

Honor Level: 2

Blue Essence: 30k-50k (upon fully disenchanting loot)

Loot: 20+ Champion Capsules+Prime Gaming Loot Rewards;

350+ RP, 200 OE, Epic Mystery Skin Permanent, Mystery Ward Skin, Champion Permanent, 30-Day XP Boost, 2 Series 1 Eternals Shards, 4 Champion Shards.

Full Access - All Original Recovery and Creation Data will be Provided.

Leveled by Humans. Perfect as a New Main Account.

Free Insurance
7 Days in account
Total Price
$30.40 USD
Delivery Time
5 Minutes

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