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EUW HandLeveled Lvl 30 | Preseason 13 20%WR Out of 5 Games Played | 41910 BE | 350 RP | 17 Champion | 4 Emotes | 8 Skins in Loot | 1530 OE | Recovery Info

-Original Email/PW
-Recovery info [ Creation date | Birthday date | Where the account was created | Sign up Email/PW]
-Can stream on it
-We still will help you after tradeshield period is over

❗ The E-mail/password of the account can be changed ❗

❗ Check the Screenshots of the account ❗

❗ The account is hand-leveled and is ✅ to play on ❗

❗ Email access and details will also be provided upon payment so the account will be fully yours. After purchasing, proceed to the League of Legends website to change the account password and email to your own ❗

❗ You can transfer the account to any region you want by purchasing 2600 RIOT POINTS ❗

❗ We will actively resolve any disputes, please do not leave a negative evaluation, thank you very much ❗
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
Total Price
$38.40 USD
Delivery Time
5 Minutes

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