Pm // Euw //iron 1 0% Wr Split 2 Hand - Handleveled Unverified Mailperfect Smurfchamps:22 Lvl 30+
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3 skin shard nightbringer lee sin nightbringer vladimir nasus k9 10 mythic essence 22 champs


Account Details:
✔️S13 Iron 2 0 lps [Placements]
✔️LVL 30
✔️22 Champions
✔️Unverified Mail
✔️Honor level 2

✔️Old Aged same banrate as Handleveled Account

✔️Split 2
✔️Instant Delivery
✔️Changeable Data Full Access To account
✔️ Email Can be changed to your own
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
Total Price
$23.97 USD
Delivery Time
5 Minutes

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