Pm 2022 - Level 100 Euw 60k 70 Capsules60620 Be1100 Oe 9397 Blood Moon Zilean, Blast Zone Heimerdinger
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    Europe West 
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Safe Account ⌚️ Last Game: 14 July 2022

EUW ❄️ Europe West
⚡ 100 Level
20 Mythic Essence
60620 Blue Essence
3 Hextech Chest
62 Capsules Basic Champion
7 Capsules Glorious Champion
1 Capsules Eternals Series
1100 Orange Essence
+899 Orange Essence Disenchant All Loot (Shards, Eternals)
3 Rune Pages
2 Honor Level
Current Solo Rank: Unranked
Previous Solo Rank: Unranked
Unverified Email (Can be changed to your own)

Champions: 1
Miss Fortune

Skin Shards: 2
⚪ Default ░ Blood Moon Zilean Unlockable
⚪ Default ░ Blast Zone Heimerdinger Unlockable

❓ FAQ ❓
⭐️ Old Accounts are safe to play. This is not a cheap account from China. They were created and leveled in Europe.
24/7 Instant Delivery - You will receive the login and password after payment.
Email Unverified - You can change and verify it with your own email. Become the first owner.
Please check the images for more account and loot information.
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
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$159.50 USD
Delivery Time
5 Minutes

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