⭐️ EU / TR ⭐️ Radiant (EP1-2-5) 6x Radiant gunbuddy Full stacked limited skins / Champions 2021-2022-2023 Set+Arcane Sheriff+VCT Knife+Ruin dagger +304 Skins
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Skins : https: //i.imgur.com/edzumAW.jpg
Rank History, Radiant gunbuddys : https: //imgur.com/a/ryzoOK2

⭐️ Full stacked account. Has all the sets that will never come into the game again(Champions 2021-2022-2023 Set,Arcane Sheriff,VCT Knife,Ruin dagger etc.)

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↪️ Chat available via eldorado; instant response when I'm online( response in max 4-5 hours if I'm asleep)
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$1,700.00 USD
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