Eune60k-70k Bemythic! Prestige Psyops Ezreal, Skt T1 Kalista, Lagoon Dragon Kai'sa, Sweetheart Xayah, Arcane Caitl
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- Skin Shards: Aether Wing Kayle,Headhunter Master Yi,Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa,Waterloo Miss Fortune,Arcane Jinx,Sir Kled,Tempest Janna,Arcade Corki,SKT T1 Kalista,Baron Von Veigar,Sweetheart Xayah,Riot Blitzcrank,All-star Akali,Rogue Admiral Garen,Prestige PsyOps Ezreal (permanent)

- EUNE Lvl 30+ LoL Unranked and Unverified account

- 60000 - 70000 Blue Essences

- 5-10+ Champions owned

- Instant Delivery

- Password and Email easily changeable (Full Access)

- Great Winratio and KDA on History games

- Free Warranty
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
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