No Ban ! Euw 46160 Be 650 Oe Skin Shards : Waterloo Miss Fortune (default),warden Jax (default)
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⚡Account Details ⚡
☑️ Server : EUW
⚜️ Rank : Unranked
Level : +30 lvl
Acces : Full Access
Mail : Unverified ( You can add your own mail by logging into riot games from the browser. You don't need to request any codes from us )
Blue Essence : 46160 Blue Essence
Orange Essence : 650 Orange Essence
Skin Shards : Waterloo Miss Fortune (DEFAULT),Warden Jax (DEFAULT)
Delivery : 7/24 Instant

❓ FAQ ❓

When you buy the account, you become the first owner of the account, as the mail is not verified. You can add your own mail and you can change password .If you have any questions, you can contact us
No ranked matches played on account ( including past seasons )
Leveled with using bot .
Name is changeable after 90 days .
If u connect xbox gamepass , will be unlock all champions
Costumes not unlocked , you can unlock them from the loot section
Please read the description and buy, there is no refund or change unless there is a problem with the account.
Please take a video when
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
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$4.96 USD
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4.8 Rating

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