Na60k-70k Belittle Devil Teemo, Enduring Sword Talon, Warring Kingdoms Katarina, Full Machine Viktor, Bewitching S
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- Skin Shards: Full Machine Viktor, Bewitching Syndra, Divine Soraka, Ruined Miss Fortune, Augmented Singed, Officer Caitlyn, Warring Kingdoms Katarina, Blast Zone Heimerdinger, Enduring Sword Talon, Arcane Jayce (permanent), Little Devil Teemo (permanent), Arcane Jinx (permanent), Arcane Vi (permanent), Arcane Caitlyn (permanent)

- NA Lvl 30+ LoL Unranked and Unverified account (You are the first owner)

- 60000-70000 Blue Essences

- 5-10 Champions owned

- Instant Delivery

- Password and Email easily changeable (Full Access)

- Great Winratio and KDA on History games

- Inactive since over a year ago
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