Lol + Valorant || Euwunranked(s13), Skins[249], Lvl 111, Full Access[], Instant Delivery [] Cc#44
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Region: dnk/euw
Rank: Unranked(Season 13)
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RP/BE: 15/206
-4 Ultimate Skin✨
-3 Mythic Skin ♦️
-23 Legendary Skins ♦️

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✨Skins [37]: Singularity Spectre, Glitchpop Frenzy, Jigsaw Ares, Ruin Marshal, Sentinels of Light Ares, Relic of the Sentinel, Surge Stinger, Aerosol Bucky, Ruin Vandal, Outpost Ghost, Wayfinder Shorty, Serenity Judge, Nebula Phantom, K/TAC Sheriff, Sentinels of Light Operator, Infinity Bulldog, Sovereign Ghost, Ruin Guardian, Elderflame Operator, Aerosol Operator, Infinity Spectre, Sentinels of Light Sheriff, Serenity Phantom, Sentinels of Light Vandal, Ruin Shorty, Surge Classic, Prime Vanda
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