[na]season 14| Iron 4 | (0w-17l) 0 Lp |44100 Be's | 20 Champs | Hand-deranked | Unverified Email
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Account is currently iron 4 on the NEW SEASON 2024

Aged account 0% risk of botting ban via reports

Info About Account:

✅Blue Essence: 44100

✅Orange Essence: 778

✅Hand Deranked to IRON 4 - 0W 17L MEGA STUCKIRON MMR

✅Free of queue bans or restrictions

✅Email Is Unverified - totally changeable

✅Account with 0 LP's Solo/Duo

✅All loot is displayed on the images above ↑↑

✨Any issues feel free to contact me via chat ✨
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
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