Na No Ban Unopened Capsule's Level 30 + Unranked Smurf Unverified Email Unranked Account Change Data I
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After payment, you will receive the data information instantly
You can change any info on the account

⛔ In-Game Details:

✅ NA Region Unranked
✅ LEVEL 30
✅ Unopened Capsule's
✅ Unranked
✅ Unverified Email
✅ Instant Delivery/24x Support.
✅ Perfect Rank For Smurf
✅ Account Details Changeable

⚡ If you face any issues please don't worry am just a message away, I am online most of the time but if you don't receive a reply instantly it means I am sleeping, as I am back I will reply and resolve your issue. Please mark the order as received after receiving and checking the account and give us your valuable feedback.
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7 Days in account
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