[euw] Hand Leveled Fresh Level 30 [aram Only] | Untouched Loot | 350rp | Pajama Guardian Soraka
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Region: EUW

RP: 350
Rank: Unranked
Email: Full Access ( unverified )
Level: 30
Honor lvl 2
0 normal games played

Pajama guardian Soraka

This account comes with no MMR (0 normal games played), the perfect fresh start for all players.

✅ Untouched loot
✅ Only aram played
✅ Fresh MMR
✅ Great Smurf

✅ UnRanked
・No Ranked games played
・The account has 0 ranked games played. This is perfect, since you can use it as a new smurf and avoid the boring leveling process.

✅ FuII Recovery Informtion
・Full access to the email provided during registration
・Date of birth provided during registration
・Account creation date
・Account creation country

✅ Unopened Loot
The account will have the whole loot collected during leveling. That means:
・Unopened capsules
・Unopened chests
・Untouched Orange Essence
・Untouched Blue Essence

・Recovery Info contains (Username/password + Original Email/password + birthday Date + Creation Date + Creation Country & City)

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Free Insurance
7 Days in account
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