Na Lvl30 Handleveledaram Mmrdeath Sworn Viktornight Bringer J441230 Be4 Skins In Loot350 Rprecovery Info
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-Check all the screenshots from here:

NA HandLeveled Lvl 30 | ARAM MMR | 41230 BE | Death Sworn Viktor | Night Bringer Jarvan IV | 350 RP | 2 Champion | 4 Skins in Loot | 440 OE | 2 Emote | Recovery Info

The account is 100% hand-leveled.

-Recovery info include (Creation date - Birthday date - Where the account was created - Original Sign up Email;PW)

-Email access and details will also be provided after payment, the E-mail/password of the account can be changed after purchasing, proceed to the League of Legends website to change the account password and email to your own.
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7 Days in account
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