👾【Xbox X/S】🤖 | 100 Million [Cash + Cars] ⚡ | RP Rank 1-5 ⚡ | Full Access⚡ | Instant Delivery ⚡ |
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  • Device
    Xbox Series X/S 
Upon purchase, you will gain access to comprehensive XBOX and E-mail data with backup codes

≡Key Features of the Modded Account:

▶RP Rank Level: 1-5
▶ Assets :- $ 100 Million (35 Million in Cash + 20 Deluxo's which can be sold for 3.25 each for a total of $100 Million)
▶Compatibility: Compatible with XBOX X/S (New Generation) Only

●Included Properties:

▶Eclipse Blvd Garage (50 Vehicle Space)
▶Clubhouse Facility
▶Nightclub Facility
▶Ceo Office With Garage
▶Eclipse Penthouse 1
▶Eclipse Penthouse 2
▶Eclipse Penthouse 3
▶Casino Penthouse
▶Mobile Operations Center

This account does not include any modified outfits or vehicles. It solely contains the items and properties listed above.

✅If you encounter any problems, kindly reach out to us before initiating a dispute or leaving a negative review. We are committed to resolving any issues promptly

⚠️Please note that the GTA 5 Modded Account doesn't come with the GTA 5 game or a Xbox subscription. To use your existing Xbox on the new account without buying it again, set your main account as Home Xbox.

●Important Note:

This account is exclusive for use with the XBOX X/S game version of GTA 5. Ensure that you are using the new-generation GTA 5, as the assets and modded account features are only available on this platform & Modded Account Refers to Cash +
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
Total Price
$3.80 USD
Delivery Time
5 Minutes

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