[SERIES S/X] 7 BILLION|20 MODDED OUTFITS|LEVEL 788|fast run|instant delivery
Product info
  • Device
    Xbox Series X/S 
✅️You will recieve an account eligble to migrate / already migrated to 4k expaned & enhanced version of gta
✅️if you need help to migrate we will guide you! :)
✅️💰 7Billion (Cash in the bank)💰✅️
✅️(Modded Outfits👕)
✅️RP Rank : 788
✅️20 modded outfits
✅️modded k/d -9847971
✅️Fast Run | MaxStats
✅️Verified Accounts (Secure)
✅️Clean/New Fresh Modded Account
✅️ Without any Game-Bans.
✅️Full access with email & password
✅️This Account doesn't come with GTA 5 game and console Subscription. If you already own both on your main account then you don't need to buy it agai
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
Total Price
$12.00 USD
Delivery Time
5 Minutes

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