【Xbox X/S】 | 7.7 BILLION | RP/LEVEL 7980 | GTA 5 Online Modded Account | Max Stats | Instant Delivery
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  • Device
    Xbox Series X/S 
🔥 Xbox X/S🔥
This account can be played on gta5 PS5 NEW GEN after migration. Eligible for Migration to Xbox X/S Version.

⭐️ $8 BILLION In Cash
⭐️ Level 7980+
⭐️ Custom Modded Outfits (Availability Varies Due to Rockstar Restrictions) - Set yourself apart with unique outfits.
⭐️ Modded KD
⭐️ Max Stats

✅ Verified Accounts (Secure)
✅ Delivery time - Instant
✅ Clean/New Fresh Modded Account (Works in Xbox Xbox X/S)
✅ Full access with email & password
✅ No previous owners, the account is created by our team for sale only. Safest possible methods used to add levels and money.
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
Total Price
$11.00 USD
Delivery Time
5 Minutes

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