【XBOX X/S 】7.9 Billion Cash with RP 7981
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  • Device
    Xbox Series X/S 
PI : XBX088
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▶️ 7.9 Billion PURE CASH
▶️ RP Rank : 7980 +
▶️ Eligible for Migration / Already Migrated for Enhanced GTAV version
▶️ Works on XBOX Sereis X/S (If already Migrated)
▶️ Random Characters
▶️ Without any game-bans.
▶️ Full access with Email & Password

▶️ This Account doesn't come with GTA 5 game and console Subscription. If you already own both on your main account then you don't need to buy it again, otherwise you need to buy it.

▶️ No previous owners, the account is created by our team for sale only. Safest possible methods used to add levels and money.

📌 In case of any issue reach out to us via Eldo chat 24x7 (Instant support) 📌

⛔Important Note :

⛔This account will only work on Enhanced GTAV version on XBOX SERIES X/S. IT WON'T WORK on normal version. (If it is already migrated)
Free Insurance
7 Days in account
Total Price
$9.00 USD
Delivery Time
5 Minutes

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