【 EU 】1 SKIN ✔️ Elderflame Vandal ✔️ Unranked ✔️ 2475 VP Inv Value ✔️ Full access
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✅ Login details for the account;
✅ Email username and password;
✅ Full access over the account;

Region: EU | Level: 86
Rank: Bronze 1
VP: 175 | RP: 50 | Skins: 1

Elderflame Vandal

rank expired, you need win some games to recover the rank.
Disclaimer: please dont add valorant points or make any purchase the first month in the account, it increased the chance of get ban or lock the account
please dont use any third party software, we dont guarantee if you ban the account using cheats.

Free Insurance
7 Days in account
Total Price
$25.00 USD
Delivery Time
20 Minutes

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